I am blessed to be a Texas housewife and mom. I am learning to enjoy the little things even when they annoy me. I am in the middle of chaos trying to find the calm through creativity and prayer. This is the diary of my journey.

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Back to crafts

Well it has been quite a while since I had time to sit down and think much less write. I ┬áhave just recently been able to get back to my crafty ways and didn’t realize how much I had missed it. Today’s message will be brief as I have a lot to do.

I have recently opened my online shop and have been trying to add to it at least weekly. You can find some of my creations at http://www.katiepiekreations.artfire.com.

It is hard to believe that I have a high school senior now. We are leaving this afternoon to go check out some of her college choices this weekend. It should be loads of fun to take a road trip with my girls. Fun times visiting Galveston and Corpus Christi as she wants to be a marine biologist.

As for crafts this week, I worked on making buttons, beads and stitch markers from polymer clay. I am dyeing fiber today and will be knitting away this weekend.

Well that is the summary of what’s is going on this week. I’ll be back with more and pictures next week.


Pink Out

Happy Friday! Sorry to have been gone the past couple of weeks. Life took me on a reminder trip. I was reminder of the importance of our loved ones and our support network while facing the uncertainty that is life. In the past two weeks I dealt with the joy of a high school’s homecoming week festivities and the with the sadness of a grandparent going to the hospital and the acute care center with the possibility that it might be the last time I would get to speak to him. Facing these things made me think about what is truly important to me.
This week I get to watch as our high school cheerleaders try to bring awareness to their school community. Today they are having a pink out at the school, during the pep rally, and at tonight’s game. I am so proud of our kids. They created a memory wall for those who have face breast cancer in our town and it has been in the main hall since Wednesday. Tonight they will be doing a special cheer for the cure fight and releasing balloons. I have lost 3 wonderful women to breast cancer and just wanted to share this pink out day.
Show your support and GO PINK!

Sunday Morning Musings

Yesterday was a crazy day. I thought it was gonna be a hard day when Hubby’s phone started ringing at 7:30a. He ended up having to go work on a customer site before he was even ready to be awake.
God never ceases to amaze me. He took that early morning issue to set in motion a series of events that helped ease some of our financial issues and vehicle issues. I now own a new flex fuel truck that saves us money on gas and our monthly payment is less, plus we get to skip to months of payments. On top of the new vehicle, our other truck needed tires, wiper motor and some minor engine work to pass inspection. The Lord guided my husband to a tire shop while on his way to pick up the wiper motor. He then took it in to our tire/mechanic guy who is going to get everything fixed and do the inspection in exchange for computer services from Hubby. No money out of pocket.
The Lord has blessed us this week as he does every week just on a larger scale. What has seemed coincidental in your life is the Lord blessing you and saying “Remember, I will take care of your needs.”