I am blessed to be a Texas housewife and mom. I am learning to enjoy the little things even when they annoy me. I am in the middle of chaos trying to find the calm through creativity and prayer. This is the diary of my journey.

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Pink Out

Happy Friday! Sorry to have been gone the past couple of weeks. Life took me on a reminder trip. I was reminder of the importance of our loved ones and our support network while facing the uncertainty that is life. In the past two weeks I dealt with the joy of a high school’s homecoming week festivities and the with the sadness of a grandparent going to the hospital and the acute care center with the possibility that it might be the last time I would get to speak to him. Facing these things made me think about what is truly important to me.
This week I get to watch as our high school cheerleaders try to bring awareness to their school community. Today they are having a pink out at the school, during the pep rally, and at tonight’s game. I am so proud of our kids. They created a memory wall for those who have face breast cancer in our town and it has been in the main hall since Wednesday. Tonight they will be doing a special cheer for the cure fight and releasing balloons. I have lost 3 wonderful women to breast cancer and just wanted to share this pink out day.
Show your support and GO PINK!